Do Trouver Partners charge fees?

No. No fees are charged whatsoever and no hidden additional costs at any stage. The Bond Issuer or Investment Issuer themselves directly remunerates Trouver Partners through a monthly marketing fee for introducing the Bond Issuers product.


How does Trouver Partners decide on investments introduced?

Typically Trouver Partners focus on fixed-rate bonds, loan notes and investments that are typically Listed on Major European Exchanges and issue/offer full insurance cover over capital by Lloyds of London. Equally Corporate Guarantees and Cash & Asset Backed Bonds with FCA Security Trustee Fixed & Floating Charges held over such Funds are introduced.

Trouver Partners additionally perform extensive due diligence on investments and only introduce investments that are fully insured and/or, managed portfolios that are managed by FCA regulated firms and / or people, or investments that have had their information memorandum (IM) signed off by a FCA regulated person


How do I know I am in safe hands with TWP?

Trouver Partners are an extremely transparent company with a stellar track record. You will find us verified and listed on multiple recognised service platforms such as-

Google Maps & Reviews, YellowPages,  Crunchbase192 Business DirectoryYelp Directory, LinkedinMedium , Facebook etc

Press features include being recommended and featured by The Guardian in their April 2019 Official Best Selection of Investment Options in Financial Services, Financial Content Markets Inc in addition to ASK Markets among several others.

We have an annual Investors Client Day where we enjoy meeting clients and prospective clients accordingly. It is important to remember that clients do NOT invest with us- we simply make introductions and act as a portal to available market opportunities. Due diligence when considering opportunities we introduce should be made and focused on the Bond Issuer themselves. We deliver results- Not recommendations. Bond Issuers and Funds that we make introductions to include; 25 year old Regulated Solicitors, renowned Family Offices, Liquid Trading Funds and seasoned award winning Property Developers. 

Can I come and meet my associate at Trouver Partners?

Yes, of course. We also hold our Annual Investor Relations Day with both our clients and prospective clients- the last was a great success held on 19th May near our offices at the Ritz as featured in the Press  PR Underground. We are also happy to report the success of our Christmas Client Meeting to end 2018 in December, with well over 200 clients in attendance & featured in the Press ASK Markets, Financial Content Markets Inc

Whilst we appreciate a great deal of clients do not always live within direct proximity to our offices in London, we actively encourage and welcome client meetings at our head office in St James, Mayfair- London. Simply arrange a suitable time and day with your Associate or Partner.


Should I Consult my Financial Advisor?

Should clients feel the need to consult their FA as regards particular opportunities, we encourage without question. Seasoned Investors are aware however that the likelihood of ones FA endorsing opportunities outside of his/her remit is highly unlikely for a variety of logical reasons including; a) little to zero knowledge/expertise on the products available b) No financial renumeration as opposed to their own products c) No incentive to endorse investments outside of his/her area/remit and of course, d) should anything unexpected occur with the investment he/she does not want one reverting back to them as an initial endorser.

The main reason Trouver Partners primarily introduces Bonds with Insurance over Capital (as opposed to unsecured bonds) is to make decisions and choices easier and clearer for clients when investing. Knowing ones capital is fully securitised and by the highest form available outside of the banks is every investors sole focus regardless of whether an FA endorses a product or not. 


How can these products offer much higher returns than high street banks?

The offerings we introduce and present have behind them, highly profitable business which reflect the interest rates they can offer. The combination of low overheads and increased funding from investors enables these businesses to benefit from major economies of scale allowing them fast market expansion. They are effectively releasing a portion of their profit in the form of investor interest but in return they get the capital they need to be profitable.


Why do these businesses not borrow from the bank themselves?

Since the financial crisis of 2008 it has become increasingly difficult for business to obtain the necessary funding they need- Banks are no longer lending at the rate they used to which is common knowledge. It is important to note that an investment bank or a hedge fund that may be capable of lending the capital required may well ask for interest and in addition to that an equity stake in the development or business itself which is highly unattractive to Corporate Bond Issuers.


Is Trouver Partners responsible for the performance of my Bond/Loan Note?

No. Trouver Partners acts as the introducing entity to totally independent Corporate Bond Issuers or Investment providers and as such, the performance and responsibilities of the investments lie solely with them hence the main reasons why TWP tend to focus on Lloyds of London insured and backed bonds/ loan notes for unequivocal security of capital.

Are Trouver Partners FCA Regulated?

Only companies who receive client funds or administer advice need to be FCA Regulated. All Bond Issuers that are introduced, use FCA Regulated Security Trustees. Trouver Partners is not an investment house or advisory firm; we are simply Curators in that regard.

Trouver Partners do NOT at any stage receive client funds for any purpose- should any client wish to purchase a Bond etc, they will then be dealing directly with the Bond Issuer and their FCA Regulated Trustee who will receive and hold client funds.

Trouver Partners sole role and position is to make introductions between clients and Corporate Bond Issuers who offer the highest form of security against capital by way of Insurance or Cash & Asset Backed with FCA Regulated Trustees. We are not Financial Advisors- we are Marketing Consultant Curators- we simply aim to ascertain qualified investors objectives in terms of Timeframe, Capital to Invest, Growth or Income preference and then introduce and present according opportunities currently available within the market.


How do I purchase a Bond or Loan Note?

  • After discussing your requirements with one of our partners or associates, i.e. timeframes, income or growth preference, sector of investment preferred, security preferred etc you will receive the full IM & Prospectus directly from the Bond Issuer introduced after self-certifying your Investor Status (HNW, Sophisticated, Restricted).

  • Optional Directors Call and/or meeting between yourself and the Directors of the Bond Issuer Company. Additional call between yourself and the Insurer for an open and frank discussion/outline on the Insurance cover protecting Capital.

  • Application form via Bond Issuer Company along with standard Anti Money Laundering Checks

  • Compliance call with Bond Issuer Company and transfer of funds to FCA Regulated Trustee

  • Bond Issuer Company issue Hard and Soft copies of Bond Certificate or Loan Note

  • 14 working days cooling off period

  • Interest begins accruing followed by monthly, quarterly, annual payments with Capital Returned upon Bond Maturity by Bond Issuer Company & associated FCA Regulated Trustee

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