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Our Services

The method behind How we work and
Why we work for continued growth and success .

Our Reach

Available Worldwide

Reaching clients globally through our locations in the UK, Asia & UAE, we service both Pan-European & internationally based clientele. Events including our Annual Summer and Christmas Client Soirées, are held at our UK headquarters.
We exclusively serve HNW's (your total income exceeded £100k in the past year Or you own £250k+ in assets, other than primary home/pension).
As annual Invitees to the acclaimed Ritossa Family Summit, a limited number of clients are welcome to join us by request (Monaco-Dubai)

It's all about method

Strategies & campaigns that will prioritize & maximize client bottom line.

Inflation has reached highs not seen in the past 40 years crossing 11.1% and now at 8%+
Eurozone & UK Interest Rates at concerning levels around 4-6%
With far lower Interest rates than the inflation rate, savings are eroded annually
As Recession looms, investors seek stable fixed income havens with Liquidity

What our Clients say

“So far so good. After 6 selections, 5 matured no hiccups and one outstanding maturing end of 2021. So far no complaints.”

Adil Hussain - CLIENT

What our Clients say

“Top service providers and very helpful and knowledgeable. No hesitation recommendation.”

Doug Parish - CLIENT

What our Clients say

“Met through the Ritossa Family Office Summit- since that point, Trouver Partners has truly exceeded expectations for us.”

Rowan Le Vay - CLIENT

What our Clients say

“Responded swiftly to my initial enquiry. Gave a thorough appraisal of options. I found the team to be polite, patient and resisted any attempt at 'hard sale tactics'. Used several times since.”

Alexandra Christodoulou - CLIENT

What our Clients say

“Definitely the first company in a long while who genuinely cared about what I wanted rather than what they wanted. Refreshing and efficient.”

Linden Berlowitz - CLIENT

What our Clients say

“The type and quality of products they deal with make it reasonably easy to pick from. Will continue to recommend to friends and family.”

Rishi Naulia - CLIENT

Purchase Listed Products direct or through Regulated Platforms



Confirm self-certified investor statement and status


Curate Preferences

Consider ideal Duration, Return, Frequency, Liquidity etc



Go through suitable & according options from issuers & providers



Buy direct from Issuer or regulated platforms ie Euroclear, Capital International, TIP etc


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.