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Do Trouver Charge Fees?

We offer free introductory consultancy for Investors and Family Offices.


Fees are only applicable to Institutional clients (Banks, Funds, Bond Issuers etc) for capital raise services we are retained for.

How are Issuers Chosen?

We typically deal within the confines of 3 Issuer categories:


  1. Tier 2 Investment Banks
  2. Regulated Funds & UCITS
  3. Listed Bond Issuers (aaa/a rated or equivalent)
How do I know I am in safe hands?

Over the past 7 years, Trouver Partners have been the proud recipients of multiple Business & Industry Awards, including;


Press features include: The Observer & The Guardian - (April 2019) as one of the companies selected as part of their 'Best Selection of Investment Options in Financial Services’ double page feature.


We boast an exemplary track record, strong client satisfaction sentiment and can be found in verified business directories across Yell, ProvenExpert, Bark, Crunchbase etc

Are Trouver Partners Regulated?

Only companies who receive client funds or provide financial advice/services can be FCA Regulated. Trouver Partners exclusively administers introductions only, for qualified investors and family offices. We do not offer financial advice, services or products and are not regulated or authorised (click for FCA 'Advice v Guidance')


UCITS Funds introduced are Regulated and Liquid. Structured products introduced, are Investment Bank issued. All Listed Bonds, Funds and structured products introduced, are available on and can only be purchased through major financial services companies ie Euroclear/Crest, Regulated Platforms, issuer direct or Bank stockbrokers/dealers.


Why buy AAA/A Rated Listed Bonds??

AAA-A Listed Bonds are classed as Investment Grade fixed bonds. Consistently a popular choices for investors globally due to their security, fixed interest & liquidity.


  1. LISTED- Publicly listed on regulated major exchanges
  2. LIQUIDITY- freely transferable, can be sold or transferred on at investor discretion.
  3. SENIOR SECURE- default/bankruptcy is categorically remote as there is pre-existing specific collateral (cash/assets) segregated solely against the bond, charged to an FCA Trustee.
  4. DEFAULT RATES- Less than 0.5% on average
  5. PURCHASE FLEXIBILITY- Cash, ISA/Transfer/s, SIPPs & Investment Platforms
Why are UCITS/ Regulated Funds so Popular?

UCITS are a specific type of Fund that are always Regulated and serve to offer the best legal protection to investors; as a result are among the most popular fund purchase made by investors globally.


UCIT Funds offer Daily Liquidity as they are only allowed to invest in Liquid Assets and are also Publicly Listed on major exchanges as well as offering diversification and professional investment management services.

Whats the difference between investment grade bonds and minibonds?

Junk Bonds are commonly disguised as Minibonds, Loan Notes, 'alternative bonds' or BB-D rated bonds. They are illiquid, unlisted, unrated,  extremely high risk and often have little to zero assets backing whatsoever, but will still hide behind 'asset backed' in their marketing and promotion.


Investment Grade Listed Bonds on the contrary, are Listed and credit rated AAA-BBB, freely Transferable to exit and sell on, Senior Secure (pre-existing collateral matching or higher than the proposed raise amount, which has been set aside specifically against the bond by an independent regulator) and categorized as Low Risk (default rates average 0.4%).


For a full extensive list of differences, refer to our Bonds Page.

Who Buys Investment Grade Bonds?

Primary buyers of AAA/A Rated, Publicly Listed Bonds Include;


Individual Investors, Government Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurers and Pension Funds.



How do I purchase Listed bonds/funds/structured notes?

Listed securities such as ucits, mutuals, bonds, structured notes etc can be purchased using its specific ISIN number via any of the following;


  • Financial Services Companies (Euroclear, Crest, Swissquote etc)
  • Investment Platforms (Capital International Group, Exante etc)
  • Life Companies (Custodian Life, Canada Life, Sun Life etc)
Is Trouver Partners responsible for my bond/fund performance?

No. Investors do not invest with ourselves on any basis and at no point do we receive/handle client funds or offer investment advice. Product investment performance and responsibility lie solely with the Issuers.

Should I consult my financial advisor?

All UCITS Funds and Structured Notes are Fully Regulated. All Bonds and Funds etc introduced, can only be purchased through Regulated Platforms, Life Companies or Bank stockbrokers/dealers.


Should investors feel the need to consult their FA as regards securities, they should. Seasoned Investors are aware however that the likelihood of ones FA endorsing opportunities outside of his/her remit is highly unlikely for a variety of logical reasons however All investors should seek an independent professional investment and tax advice before deciding to invest.

Can I meet my associate or partner at Trouver Partners?

Yes. Simply arrange a suitable week, time and day with your Associate or Partner.

We also hold our Annual Investor Relations Day during Summer with both clients and prospective clients.


We are privileged to be regular Invitees to the distinguished annual Ritossa Family Summits in Monaco, Dubai and Riyadh and our clients are free to join our limited guestlist.


Covid-19 Update- meetings in person are postponed till further notice due to Omicron precautions.

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