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Leverage existing relationships with proven & established Fixed Income Issuers with 100% Track Records in Maturity Repayments & Liquidity or early redemption.

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Additionally providing access to a range of alternatives ie mutual & ucits funds, EIS, hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, pre-ipos & gold bullion.

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Introducing direct access to investment issuers with 12-48 month options in Bonds, Notes or Regulated Funds and/or Physical Asset purchase.

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- High Net Worth Investors Only (Total Income exceeds £170k OR you own £430k+ in assets, other than your primary residence/pension) -

Fixed Income - Example

7.25% pa | 2.5 yrs | A-Rated | Listed Cleantech Bond


Cleantech Powerhouse regularly seen on BBC, CNN, Reuters+, with exclusive partnerships with IKEA, Emirates, Mcdonalds, Del Monte, Nestle+. Popular Dual Listed ‘A’ Rated Bond on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and EURONEXT.

100% Track Record in Investor Payments


RETURN  :  7.25%pa

LIQUIDITY  :  Freely Transferable

LISTED  :  Frankfurt Stock Exchange & Euronext

ELIGIBILITY  : Direct – Platforms – ISA/SIPP

Publicly Listed
  • Dual Listed- Frankfurt & EURONEXT
  • 7.25% pa
  • 2.5 years (April 2026 maturity)
  • Bi Annual Interest
  • ISIN & Bloomberg Terminal
A' Rated
  • ‘A’ Credit Rated
  • Lowest Risk category possible
  • Investment Grade
  • Freely Transferable
  • Can be exited and sold on or transferred at the investors discretion
  • No early redemption fees
Senior Secure
  • Highest form of security in this field.
  • Bankruptcy Remote
  • Administered by FCA Trustee with first legal charge over Specific Collateral.
Regulated Fund - Example

Regulated Algo Fund | Fortnightly Liquidity | No Exit-Fees | 25% pa+


Regulated Algorithmic Fund with an exceptional Past Performance since 2014; the strategies having delivered an annualised return of 33.9% since inception. No exit-fees nor subscription fees & Liquidity fortnightly.

100% Track Record in Investor Capital Redemptions


LIQUIDITY  :  Fortnightly (no exit-fees)

RETURN  :  25% pa+ Targeted

REGULATED  Fund & Fund Manager

ELIGIBILITY  :  Direct – Platforms – ISA/SIPP

  • Regulated Fund
  • Regulated Fund Managers
  • Strategy since 2014
  • Averaged 33.9% pa since inception
  • 1* Ranked Fund Administrator (£210Bn AUA)
  • Fortnightly Redemption & Exit
  • No Exit-Fees
Past Performance
2017  -  22.39%
2018  -  25.55%
2019  -  37.69%
2020  -  28.08%
2021  -  41.20%
2022  -  36.59%
  • Direct
  • ISA/Transfer
  • Investment Platforms
Fixed Income - Example

10% pa | 4 yrs | A-Rated | Listed | Senior Secure


Chaired by prominent member of the renowned Robert McAlpine Family, comes a leading multi million pound Bridging Company. Featuring an investment grade, A-Rated, Senior Secured Bond, with Liquidity Traded Daily.

100% Track Record in Investor Payments


RETURN  :  10.1% pa  (paid quarterly)

LIQUIDITY  :  Freely Transferable

LISTED  :  Frankfurt SE & Euronext

Publicly Listed
  • Listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • 10.1% pa
  • 4 years (Dec 2027 maturity)
  • Quarterly Interest
  • ISIN & Bloomberg Terminal
A' Rated
  • A- Credit Rated
  • Lowest Risk Category (AAA-A)
  • Investment Grade
  • Freely Transferable
  • Can be exited and sold on or transferred at the investors discretion
  • No early redemption fees
Senior Secure
  • Highest form of security
  • Bankruptcy Remote
  • Administered by FCA Trustee with first legal charge over Specific Collateral.
Regulated Fund - Example

Regulated Quant Fund | 41% pa annualised | Monthly Liquidity


A decade since inception, this FCA Regulated Quantitative Fund (featuring Monthly Liquidity & no exit fees) boasts a stellar Past Performance; delivering 44%+ in 2020, followed by 42%+ in 2021 and 35%+ in 2022.


LIQUIDITY  :  Monthly (no exit-fees)

RETURN  :  30% pa+ Targeted

REGULATED  Fund & FCA Fund Manager

ELIGIBILITY  :  Direct – ISA/SIPP – Platforms

  • Regulated Fund
  • FCA Regulated Fund Managers
  • 10 yrs Established
  • Exceptional Track Record
  • Monthly
  • No Exit-Fees
Past Performance
2019  -  19%+
2020  -  44%+
2021  -  42%+
2022  -  35%+
  • Cash -Direct
  • Investment Platforms
  • ISA/SIPP/Transfer
Fixed Income - Example

14% pa | 3 yrs | Annual Exit | Listed Algo Bond


Dual Listed, Secure Bond  with Annual Liquidity. Listed on both the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Vienna Stock Exchange. With FCA Regulated Security Trustees, this PLC is a Algorithmic FX Trading Organisation with over $50m in Net liquid assets.

100% Track Record in Investor Capital Repayment


RETURN  :  14% pa (paid quarterly)

LIQUIDITY  :  Annual Cash Exit (no exit-fees)

LISTED  :  Frankfurt SE & Vienna SE

Publicly Listed
  • Listed- Frankfurt Stock Exchange & Vienna Stock Exchange
  • 14% pa
  • Quarterly Interest
  • 12 months min (can rollover annually)
  • Eligibility : Cash - ISA/Transfer - SIPP - Platforms
  • ISIN & Bloomberg Terminal
  • Annual Liquidity
  • No exit fees
  • Cash Redemption Annually
Expert Advisors
  • UHY Hacker Young
  • VFS Trustees
  • Taylor Wessing
  • Euroclear - Crest
  • Avenirs
  • Listed & Secure
  • Board have undertaken board resolution to maintain surplus net assets at all times (the difference between assets/resources owned and its liabilities) to ensure non default.
Regulated Fund - Example

16% pa net | Quarterly Exit | Regulated Mutual Fund


Regulated Open-End Fund with offices in London, Cayman & Singapore. No exit fee for quarterly cash redemptions, nor performance fees if opting for the preferred-fixed-return of 4% per quarter. This Arbitrage focused fund boasts a team of World class Advisors, Administrators, Invt Managers and Auditors.

100% Track Record in Investor Capital Redemptions


RETURN  :   16% pa (4% net quarterly)

LIQUIDITY  :  Quarterly (no exit-fees)

REGULATED  :   Fund & Fund Managers 

  • Fully Regulated Mutual Fund
  • Regulated Investment Manager
  • 4% net per Quarter, Fixed
  • Direct or Platforms
  • Open Ended Liquidity
  • Cash Redemptions March, June, Sept, Dec
  • No Exit fees
Fund Manager
  • Ex Chiefs & VP's at EFG, Pictet, UBS Wealth, UOB Kay, Citigroup, Jones Lang Lasalle
  • Fully Regulated & Licensed
  • Experienced & Proven
World Class Structure
  • Leading structural team of Institutional Powerhouses
  • Auditors - Baker Tilly
  • Fund Administrators - Ascent Group ($20bn AUA)
  • Advisors - Campbells LLP
Fixed Income - Example

12% pa | 1 yr | Monthly Payments | Secure Note


Expert Team and Global Asset Manager with an estimated £1bn AUM and £20m track record of investor capital repayment across 5 previous Notes in full.

100% Track Record in Investor Capital Redemption


RETURN  :  12% pa (paid monthly) 

ALTERNATIVE  :  15% (paid bi-annually)

LENGTH  :  12 months (min)

HISTORY  :  £20m Repaid in Full across 5 Notes

Track Record
  • Specialist in Property, Natural Resources & Private Equity
  • £20m Repaid in Investor Capital Maturities
  • 5 Previous Notes Repaid in Full
  • 12% pa  (paid monthly)
  • 15% pa  (paid Quarterly)
  • 17% pa  (paid upon maturity)
Expert Team & Structure
  • Legal :  Weightmans LLP
  • Auditor :  Deloitte
  • Accounts :  Ernest & Young
  • Security Trustee :  Regulated
  • Security Trustee :  Regulated
  • Company Net Assets :  £57m approx
  • Secure :  Debenture over all Assets
Fixed Income - Example

12-18% pa | 90 Day Liquid | 1 yr Min | Monthly Interest


Highly regarded & accredited Hatton Gardens Jeweller and UK Leading Supplier of Gold Bullion & Certified Stones, with a successful ‘Mine To Market’ Company Model for over 10yrs+.

Multi Award Winning Member of the NAJ, Chamber of Commerce & Fully Licensed with Subsidiaries in Australia, Dubai and Bogota

(5yrs+) 100% Track Record in Maturities & 90 Day Redemptions


RETURN  :   12-18% pa (paid monthly)

LIQUIDITY  :  90 Days (no exit-fees)

SECURITY :   Escrow 

  • 10% pa | £10K+    (0.83% per month)
  • 12% pa | £20K+    (1% per month)
  • 15% pa | £50K+    (1.25% per month)
  • 18% pa | £100K+  (1.5% per month)
  • 90 Day Liquidity
  • No Exit Fees
  • Security Trustee  :  Regulated Law Firm
  • Escrow  :  Westpac
Track Record

Half A Decade Track Record in all categories below

  • 100 % Record of Maturity Repayment
  • 100 % Track Record of 90 Day Redemptions
  • 100 % Track Record of Monthly Interest Payments

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  • OR

  • You have or have had net assets of £430,000 or more, in the last year (not including primary residence, pensions or insurance)

Self Certified Sophisticated Investor

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  • Been a director of a company turning over at least £1.6m

  • Been a member of a network or syndicate of business angels for at least six months

  • Have worked in private equity or in the provision of finance for small or medium enterprises.


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