When it comes to being an investor, knowledge and self-education is very important. We do not give advice or recommendations, but when it comes to educating investors as to the basic fundamentals of the general product range that we introduce, we stress the importance of knowing what’s what. Why… How… What…. Where….. If etc. Self education is fundamental even though you are encouraged to seek independent financial advice.


Focusing on self-education and being able to differentiate between good and bad products ie Liquid vs Illiquid, Listed vs Unlisted etc, will enable investors to arrive at better informed decisions. Unfortunately due to a lack of this, an alarming rate of investors have fallen down the potholes of minibonds, junk bonds, unsecured bonds etc, that ultimately could have been avoided.


When it comes to Bonds for example, not all bonds are equal or the same. Some Investors have unfortunately fallen foul to investing in minibonds such as HSG, Westway Dolphin Trust, Blackmore etc because they were not exposed to having the fundamental knowledge of the different types of bonds available to them. Minibonds and junk bonds are very different to Listed Bonds and Investment Grade Bonds which are credit rated against default, publicly listed on major exchanges, senior secure and whereby liquidity is freely transferable.


At Trouver Partners, education is Key.